In 1965 the secretary of the XX International Congress of Ophthalmology (ICO) asked CLAO to organize the first International Medical Contact Lens Symposium which was held at Feldafing, outside Munich, Germany, on August 13th, 1966. The ICO started to hold meetings every four years and wished to include significant contact lens components. As a result, CLAO worked in partnership with the Japan Contact Lens Society (JCLO), the European Contact Lens Society of Ophthamologists (ECLSO) and the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology Group (SOBLEC) to put on a contact lens meeting as part of the ICO Meeting. In the mid-1990's Dr. Oliver Dabezies put together the "International Contact Lens Society of Ophthamologists" (ICLSO) where each organization paid annual dues to help support the organizational structure. The ICLSO later evolved into the "International Medical Contact Lens Council" (IMCLC) that consisted of these four medical societies as members (the IMCLC does not have individual memberships, only organizational membership).